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We have a mentoring program!

Applications are currently closed. Check back in Spring 2024 for our launch of Season 3!

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About Queen Bee Career e.V.

What is this about?

Queen Bee was born out of the belief that Female Empowerment is most effective the earlier you start. Most career and networking groups are for women who are already in the workforce. We want to change that and connect, inspire and motivate female students. It is important for us to exchange with female role models, self-confident women who do not conform to the stereotype. Regardless of educational standards, origin, religion and sexuality, we are committed to promoting young women in a non-partisan way by offering regular events. There is no fixed age limit, but you should be at the beginning of your career. The events are therefore aimed at schoolgirls shortly before their graduation and female students doing their master's degree. We are based in Germany (and work in German!), but provide all of our information in English so that as many people as possible can benefit from our content. We are a FLINTA* safe space and support LGBTQ+ rights. Queen Bee Career is not some elitist group. All we care about is fostering a supportive environment for young women eager to pursue their goals. Therefore, we especially encourage people from underprivileged groups to join us.

Get to know Queen Bee Career e.V.

Together, we want to provide equal chances to all by connecting and empowering young women. Based in Germany, we strive for a truly international network of ambitious, supportive women in Europe.

What we do

3 words: community, events, mentoring

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With already around 50 members, Queen Bee is a place where ambitious young women meet, network and learn from each other. The earlier you build a strong network, the better!


We are not only interested in networking, but also in offering our members something more for their personal development. That's why we organize regular events to network, learn from successful women and broaden our horizons. Check out our past events to see what we have been up to and take a look at our upcoming events here.


In the summer of 2022, we started our first season of the Queen Bee Career Mentoring Program! Here, we are matching a mentee to a mentor (a woman with a similar background who works in an industry the mentee wants to break into). Applications to become a mentee or mentor are now closed. Find out more.

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